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When you’re looking for a name you can trust, All Temperature Systems, Inc. is here to offer customized heating and cooling solutions across the greater Waupaca region. If you’re struggling with heating and cooling at home or at work, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your systems are like new again.

Our Story

All Temperature Systems is a family owned business, which has served the Waupaca area in several forms since 1955.  Owners, Gary and Judi Eubanks purchased Omits Refrigeration Service in 1985. Omits Refrigeration Service had been serving the Waupaca area since 1955. Omits was a small commercial refrigeration company that was continuing to grow in the heating and cooling market.  Soon, Omits had outgrown the home based business and now needed a larger location.  Paul's Heating and Cooling became available the fall of 1999.  Gary and Judi merged Omits with Paul's Heating and Cooling  and that is when All Temperature Systems, Inc. was born.

In 2001, Gary and Judi once again saw a need for expansion in the Wild Rose area.  Jenks Heating and Cooling was in the midst of a major change with one of the owners retiring.  Gary and Judi purchased Jenks' assets and have been servicing the new customers for more that five years now.

Judi is a Waupaca native being born and raised in this wonderful area. She attended college in Texas where she met and married Gary Eubanks.  They moved back to Waupaca in 1985 to raise their children in a quieter, smaller city closer to family.  There have been no regrets regarding this decision.  Waupaca area is a wonderful place to live, work and enjoy family.

All Temperature Systems has a Mission Statement that is based on our Lord's command to treat all people like we ourselves would like to be treated.  We do our best to stand behind this mission statement.

Our Team

Judi - Owner           

With an education in Medical Office Management, Judi is positioned well at the reigns in the office of All Temperature Systems, Inc. Being co-owner she sees the balance of numbers, the value of our customers and the family aspect of our employees.

*Judi is responsible for Accounts/Payable and Receivables, HR, Payroll and Financial Resource Management. Her favorite roles- Wife, Mom, Grandma, Dog Mommy and spoiler- extraordinaire to Office Dog Bailey!

Gary - Owner           

With a combination of head knowledge from a degree in Applied Science, street smarts and practical experience-  Gary is the Guru of All Temperature Systems.  As a co-owner with Judi, he is often in the field passing the baton of knowledge to his staff. 

*Gary is responsible for Commercial and Refrigeration Sales, Supplier Coordination and Overseeing all Sales and Service Operations.

Joe - Residential Sales & IT

Being the second generation of All Temperature Eubanks, Joe has  a long term perspective of this Industry. Joe's educational background consists of a Bachelors in Business, a Minor in Marketing and many summers assisting in installs.

Joe offers customers solid guidance in today's technology and product options.  Advanced understanding of thermodynamics benefits your family and budget. Operating fuel costs after the sale matter!

Michele - Admin Assistant    

Education in sales and marketing compliment Michele's natural gifting in organization and administration. Michele was introduced into the team a year after her husband, Jason was added. All Temperatures Systems dog friendly office, allows her to bring her sheltie duo, Houston and Kira. 

*Michele's many hats- Admin Assistant, customer service, dispatch & scheduling, warranties, safety, website and the alter ego behind Frosty Phil's adventures.

Jason - Head Service Technician    

Jason is a technician customers ask for by name. Jason also has a great balance of education and over a decade of experience in Heating and Cooling.  Learning refrigeration under Gary's expertise makes him a credit to his trade.

Jason's professionalism and hard work shines as another example of traits we value at All Temperature Systems.

Eric - Service Technician 

This Waupaca resident is definitely not limited to skills in install. Eric brings his NATE training and experience to the team. He is hardworking and polite to the customer. The old saying,  "birds of a feather"  ....or is it penguins? 

Terry - Service Technician    

Always ready to respond to a call for help, Terry has a great team attitude. We were blessed to get him to join our team. 

Bill - Head Installer          

There are workers and there are true tradesman.  We no doubt, have one of the finest metal tradesman in this area. Customers make special efforts to give us feedback about what a wonderful job Bill and his team do. If you want a quality install done right- Bill is your obvious choice.  All Temperature Systems has been blessed with the many years Bill has been on our team.

Isaac - Install Team   

Welcome Install Helper Isaac Olson. We are grateful to help raise up the next generation in the Industry. Isaac's good nature compliments Bill. Isaac is also a Dad with new Bride named Autumn.

Bailey - Office Dog

Houston - Office Dog

True Passion: Lunch Room Supervisor

Kira - Office Dog

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